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Helping you build confidence
and start loving your body again..

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Hi, I’m Emma

Personal Trainer & Online Health & Fitness Coach

I am a fitness professional passionate about teaching you all there is to know about the health and fitness industry, while helping you achieve your goals. I want to push you to achieve your very best and show you that you CAN do it! I am here every step of the way to help coach you, support you and cheer you on!

Fitness Equipment

Coaching By Em

Helping you feel confident and start loving your body again...

Coaching By Em was created off the back of my own fitness journey and my passion for helping others succeed.

As part of my coaching program I offer both in-person training at PureGym Bicester and online coaching plans. Whichever programme you choose, I am pleased to have you as part of my team!


My specialist areas include: muscle tone & development, fat loss, body confidence and technique assistance.

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