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Meet Your Coach

My Vision...

Fitness is more than just exercise, it’s about building self-confidence, leading a happy and healthy lifestyle, and being able to live the life you want!

I understand that the gym can be a scary place for some so I am dedicated to helping you become more confident in the gym and within yourself, all while guiding you to achieve your fitness goals.

I will not only be your instructor but your coach too. I will help you in all areas of your fitness journey, not just the exercise. I will be your mentor, coach and motivator; while giving you the tools and knowledge you need to succeed!

If you want to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle, or simply need some guidance or motivation then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m here to help you every step of the way!

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Hi, I’m Emma...

Certified Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer & Online Fitness Coach 

My fitness journey started back in 2015 when I joined my local sports centre gym, where I only trained once a week after school. Being a timid teenager I stuck to the cardio machines for the whole 30 mins I was there. After a couple of years I quit the gym and started doing 2/3 home pilates sessions a week, simply watching videos on Youtube. Although I did see small results I had no idea what I was doing and instead starting following the latest fad-diets and fad-trends. Of course nothing was working and instead I started to gain an intolerance to wheat. It took me years to realise why I was always bloated and thought the stomach pains were part of the 'process' to getting the body I dreamed of. It was around that time that I went back to the gym and started going 3/4 times per week, following a 12 week HIIT guide over and over again. I started seeing results again but would quickly drop off and have to 'start over'. Back then I had an unhealthy relationship with the gym and food, and would often follow the 'all or nothing approach'. 

After a frustrating and unhealthy few years I finally started to follow the right professionals on social media and learnt from the best; switching my training to weight training and following a much healthier diet. Although the foods I were eating worked better for my goals, I was so focused on the way I looked I was often under-eating and over-training, causing a constant lack of energy and underlying health issues. However, over the past couple of years I have switched my mindset from weight loss and body image-based goals; to growing strong, healthy and happy while enjoying an abundance of foods...including chocolate, cakes and sweets! Trust me it can be done!


And finally that leads us into today where I have built a much healthier relationship with training, food and my body image. After learning so much about health and fitness and with my love for it growing stronger and stronger as my knowledge grows, all I want to do is help others. So, I decided to gain my fitness instructing and personal training qualifications to help others achieve their goals and change their life the way I was able to myself! 

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